This Day in History

Danica Patrick Becomes First Woman to Win Indy Race

On April 20, 2008, Danica Patrick raced into the history books by becoming the first woman to win an IndyCar race, claiming victory at the Indy Japan 300. Patrick’s triumph shattered gender barriers in the highly competitive and male-dominated world of motorsports, serving as an inspiration to countless aspiring female racers and women pursuing dreams […]

Kosovo Declares Independence from Serbia

On this day in 2008, Kosovo, a region in the Balkans with a predominantly ethnic Albanian population, declared independence from Serbia, sparking international debate and diplomatic tensions. Kosovo’s declaration of independence remains a contested issue in global politics.

The Mumbai Terror Attacks Begin 

On this solemn day in 2008, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks unfolded in Mumbai, India. The attacks lasted for four days and targeted multiple locations, leaving a lasting impact on the city and the world.

The Lehman Brothers

The Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, triggering a global financial crisis and marking a significant event in the history of economics and finance.