This Day in History

The Tragedy of the SS St. Louis

On May 27, 1939, the SS St. Louis, a ship carrying 937 Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany, was denied entry to Cuba despite the passengers holding valid visas. This rejection was followed by further denials from the United States and Canada due to strict immigration policies and widespread anti-Semitism. The ship was forced to return […]

New York World’s Fair Opens its Gates

The New York World’s Fair opened its gates on April 30, 1939, under the theme “The World of Tomorrow.” This grand exposition showcased innovations that promised a future shaped by science and technology, offering millions of visitors a glimpse into a world transformed by the potential of television, robotics, and other marvels. The fair’s optimistic […]

Spanish Civil War Ends

The Spanish Civil War comes to a close as General Francisco Franco’s Nationalist forces defeat the Republican faction, leading to the establishment of a fascist dictatorship in Spain. This conflict, marked by intense political polarization and international involvement, left a profound impact on Spanish society and politics for decades to come.

“March Madness” Crowns First Men’s NCAA Champion

“March Madness” crowns its first men’s NCAA Basketball Champion, as the University of Oregon defeats Ohio State University 46-33 in the tournament’s championship game. This inaugural victory marks the beginning of a beloved American sporting tradition that captivates fans and inspires collegiate athletes nationwide with its intensity and excitement.

The Soviet Union

The Soviet Union invaded Poland from the east, 16 days after Nazi Germany invaded Poland from the west.

World War II

World War II was ignited with the German invasion of Poland, marking a pivotal moment that would shape the course of global history.