This Day in History

King George V of the United Kingdom Passes Away

A pivotal moment in British history occurred on January 20th, 1936, with the passing of King George V. His death marked the end of an era and the beginning of the reign of King Edward VIII.

King Edward VIII Abdicates the British Throne

On this dramatic day in 1936, King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom made history by abdicating the throne. His decision was driven by his desire to marry Wallis Simpson, an American divorcée, which was met with societal and political challenges.

The Crystal Palace Burns Down

The iconic Crystal Palace in London, originally built for the Great Exhibition of 1851, was destroyed by fire on November 30th, 1936. The loss of this architectural marvel marked the end of an era.

Life Magazine Publishes Its First Issue

Life Magazine, an iconic publication that would go on to shape photojournalism, published its first issue on November 23rd, 1936. It became a cultural touchstone, providing a visual narrative of historical events and everyday life.