This Day in History

Gasoline Rationing During World War II

On May 15, 1942, seventeen U.S. states began rationing gasoline as part of the wartime effort to conserve fuel during World War II. This measure reflected the broad impact of the war on daily life in the United States and was part of a larger system of rationing that included food and other commodities. Gasoline […]

Japanese Internment Executive Order 9066 is Signed

A dark chapter in American history unfolded on February 19th, 1942, as President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, authorizing the forced relocation and internment of over 120,000 Japanese Americans during World War II. The internment camps remain a symbol of civil rights violations and wartime hysteria.

The First Controlled Nuclear Chain Reaction

Under the leadership of physicist Enrico Fermi, the first controlled nuclear chain reaction took place on December 2nd, 1942, at the University of Chicago. This milestone paved the way for the development of atomic energy.

“Casablanca” Premieres in New York City

The classic film “Casablanca” had its world premiere in New York City on November 26th, 1942. Starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, the movie would become an enduring symbol of romance and wartime drama.

Battle of Cape Esperance

In the Battle of Cape Esperance, near the Solomon Islands, U.S. cruisers and destroyers decisively defeat a Japanese task force in a night surface encounter.

Airborne Troops

U.S. Army adopts airborne, or parachute, soldiers. Airborne troops were later used in World War II for landing troops in combat and infiltrating agents into enemy territory.